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After Corona

After corona, what to do?! The new coronavirus became a social phenomenon, and most of the news and special editions became corona-related and it took a considerable number of days. How are you all doing? In our hospital, the number of visitors has decreased honestly because some people refrain from going out. As a result: I started radio exercises with in-hospital staff during the day w Even if I can not go outside, I recommend exercise to maintain physical strength that suits you, such as stretching that can be done at home. Now there are various introductions in video distribution services such as YouTube and each SNS, so let's move your body while enjoying browsing. And, it is said that it is economic health, but it is almost a short-fled special fixed-rate benefit that is a topic now, you can apply from the following URL. If you have a My Number card, your smartphone(iPhone in my case)You can apply for it. What you will encounter in the application is the Maina Portal part and the PIN number and password you decided at the time of application for the My Number card. Please refer to the video below. Language This page was automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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