Hospital and in from the 8/2008 station on Kintetsu Shigi Yamashita, gradually are rooted in the community. At all times while providing services aimed at something out of the blood and other topicality and continuity and uniqueness offers philosophy, in health care and social welfare systems, grass Benz scour cause.

Features of our clinic

Features of our clinic

Diversity of treatment areas

In the hospital, as well as the qualification of acupuncture orthopedic managers supplements and medical equipment sales and rental
Administrator, grand beauty Advisor chiropractic master beauty & health related
Enrolled in a selection of teacher's knowledge and experience.

No other hospitals in your own treatment

In our hospital, the reasons listed above from naliseste by PLO Advisor
Body care by a professional therapist
Introduction to supplement Management Professional with supplements
Certified chiropractic master of chiropractic
Aroma touch practitioner certified by aroma touch
We provide treatment suitable for those who come with original methods that are not found in uniform osteopathic clinics, such as milling lymphatic drainage by certified instructors.

Originality of products
Waiting room with magazines, candy and selling products exhibition.

Also have many more health and beauty not only covers hospital, general circulation, such as make very good products and esthetic Association, chiropractic organizations handling.
Please come visit please feel free to give voice.
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