Hospital and in from the 8/2008 station on Kintetsu Shigi Yamashita, gradually are rooted in the community. At all times while providing services aimed at something out of the blood and other topicality and continuity and uniqueness offers philosophy, in health care and social welfare systems, grass Benz scour cause.

For first-time visitors(Greetings)

For first-time visitors(Representative greetings)

Orthopedic hospital HP lots from our visiting thank you for.
Visit aimed at our hospital, it is noticed for fact monster in your own health, is helping you practice it is not a cure, to maintain a fundamental problem-solving, and true health.
And to receive praise everyday comfortable wellness offer.

And without formalities, but basic la ○ the ○ group like come Spartan asked everyone who committed to results, such as imposing quotas so far there are no.

Are you interested in health, first of all please come Academy please please.
It duplicates the dare again.
Aims Academy of acupuncture bonesetter's freestyle is to help you to get yourself in a free style don't worry about acupuncture, bone setting, acupuncture, but real health, life, not to extend healthy life expectancy.


Introduction to personnel

Contact artist: SATO Tomohiko
Treatment focus
☆ Chiropractic mill take the lymphatic drainage ☆ body care

Direction of our hospital

Approach to treatment

Considered the best program for each applicant, the practitioner.

We will help you and determining the cause during the health check, and changing the way if you need at while watching the progress of symptoms from root to regain health.

And treatment more important is daily life after the treatment.
After treatment, worth noting in the burden of life in hospital care is on point of view.
To make matters worse the body even better heap of life of each and every one is almost.

Don't give us the patient's more spirit, contributes to the maintenance of the patient's health.